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The Timeless Harvest of Salt with Huck Salt & Sons

For over eight decades, Huck Salt has been deeply rooted in the heart of Nevada, as a testament to the enduring dedication of the Huckaby Family.
Brittany Foxx
Huck Salt members

In the vast expanse of Nevada’s Fallon region, where the landscape stretches out in rugged beauty, lies a family-owned legacy that has stood the test of time: Huck Salt. Since 1938, this steadfast enterprise has been synonymous with the natural harvest of salt, serving diverse industries ranging from ice melt to water softeners and agricultural applications.



The Rich Legacy of Huck Salt


For over eight decades, Huck Salt has been deeply rooted in the heart of Nevada, a testament to the enduring dedication of the Huckaby family. What began as a modest endeavor has flourished into a stalwart pillar of the community, providing essential salt products while upholding a tradition of quality and integrity, as well as philanthropy.


Huck Salt Company was started in 1938 by Elmer Huckaby, who harvested salt with just a shovel and a wheel barrow. It took him two days to shovel six ton of salt. He then took it down to IMP Creamery in Fallon, to sell it. It took one day to unload it by hand for $7 per ton. After selling the salt he decided that a person can make a good living off of this.


Eventually, Elmer decided that he needed to increase production and on a scrap piece of butcher paper he designed a harvester. He took that drawing to Leslie Salt and requested a $2,000 loan, to buy the needed items. His loan was approved, to be payable at $0.50 per ton that was sold. With this loan money he bought a World War I Gaford truck frame and scrap parts from a cement company and within six weeks the harvester was built. The harvester picks up one ton of salt per minute and still is functional to this day!


The business has always remained family-owned and operated. It is currently operated by Elmer’s grandson Tron Huckaby and his wife Jessica Huckaby, along with their children. This change was just made in 2024 as previous long-time owner/operator John Huckaby, Elmer’s son, stepped into his life of retirement and gifted the company to Tron. Tron and his wife Jessica run the company with pride and passion that extends into their communal efforts as well.


At the core of Huck Salt’s operations lies a profound respect for nature’s bounty. Nestled within the saline-rich deposits of the region, the harvesting process remains a testament to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Here, salt is not merely extracted but embraced as a vital resource, carefully procured to meet the diverse needs of consumers.


Ice Melt:


As winter blankets the landscape in a pristine coat of snow, the demand for ice melt surges. Huck Salt’s natural salt crystals, harvested with meticulous care, offer a potent, natural solution to icy surfaces without harming the delicate balance of ecosystems. With a commitment to purity and effectiveness, Huck Salt’s ice melt products ensure safety without compromise. As such, even the products that Huck Salt offers from other suppliers are carefully selected for their alignment with Huck Salt quality and values.


Water Softener:


In the realm of water treatment, the importance of purity cannot be overstated. Huck Salt understands this fundamental necessity, delivering premium salt for water softening applications. Whether for residential or commercial use, their products epitomize reliability, effectively combating hard water to ensure the longevity of plumbing systems and the pristine quality of water.


Agricultural Uses:


In the fertile fields of Nevada’s agricultural landscape, salt plays a multifaceted role. From enhancing soil fertility to livestock nutrition, Huck Salt’s agricultural products are indispensable allies to farmers and ranchers alike. With an unwavering commitment to quality and consistency, these salts enrich the land and feed, fostering abundant harvests and healthy livestock.

Utah Coarse Salt vs Huck Coarse Salt

The image compares the sizing of "coarse salt" as produced and sold by Utah Salt Company (left) versus Huck Salt (right)

Embracing Tradition, Embracing the Future

As the world evolves, Huck Salt remains steadfast in its commitment to tradition while embracing innovation. From sustainable harvesting practices to cutting-edge processing techniques, every aspect of their operations reflects a dedication to excellence as well as tradition. Guided by the principles of integrity and community, Huck Salt looks towards the future with optimism, poised to continue its legacy for generations to come.


For over eight decades, this family-owned business has championed the natural harvest of salt, serving diverse industries with unwavering dedication. From ice melt to water softeners and agricultural applications, Huck Salt’s products exemplify quality, purity, and sustainability. As they continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of commerce, one thing remains certain: the timeless legacy of Huck Salt will endure, an essential thread woven into the fabric of Nevada’s history.