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100% locally made products in Nevada.

Huck Salt Company

Huck Salt located in Fallon, Nevada has been providing salt products to Northern Nevada and surrounding areas since 1938. Our variety of products are available for all your needs such as ice melting, livestock and animal nutrition, water conditioning, pool maintenance, and industrial uses. Providing our products to local farmers, road departments and to homes across Nevada for personal use, we take pride in serving Northern Nevada.

FeatureD Product

Redmond soil test kits are now in stock

Redmond’s Soil Test Kit combines predictive soil testing technologies with an easy-to-use at-home kit. These test results help you understand how to improve soil and plant health, while effortlessly guiding sustainable practices. We want you to perfect your soil to grow the healthiest plants possible.

High-Quality Nevada-made salt products for all of your needs.
Our products are sold by the bag or block and are 100% made in Nevada. From ice melting to livestock and animal nutrition, water conditioning, pool maintenance, as well as industrial and agricultural uses - Huck Salt’s salt products have you covered!
HUCK SALT Delivers!

Discover our wide selection of Ice Melt salts tailored for residential and commercial use, with concrete-safe options available to keep your pathways clear and safe during inclement weather.

We’re grateful to be your premier destination for top-quality heating pellets and firewood, offering both residential and commercial customers the finest selection.

We provide essential mineral supplements meticulously crafted to nurture healthy crops and livestock.


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