Huck Salt Rock Salt

In 50 lb bag or one ton tote or bulk: Natural salt
crystals harvested from the salt flat in Fallon, Nevada.
The 50 lb bags and one ton tote salts are washed
and kiln dried. Bulk salts are just washed. All Huck
Salt rock salt is 100% NEVADA MADE! Different salt
crystals are available: Fines and Coarse.
SureSoft® Pellet Plus with Rust Buster™

Perfect for those looking for a 100% natural way to
eliminate unwanted iron and manganese from their
water, SureSoft® with Rust Buster™ gently softens
water, while preventing iron build-up inside the water
softening system. It extends the life of your water
softener, while protecting household fixtures and
appliances from rust stains and discoloration. Its
special formulation dissolves easily and allows
softeners to work at peak efficiency, minimizing
maintenance by keeping the resin beads clean.
SureSoft® with Resin Clean™

Specially formulated to dissolve easily and keep
softeners running at peak efficiency, SureSoft® with
Resin Clean™ helps maintain the water softener by
keeping the resin beads clean. SureSoft with Resin
Clean minimizes residue build-up and can extend the
life and reduce maintenance of your water softener
system and other household appliances and fixtures.
And it's made with 100% natural ingredients.
Available in pellets.
K-Life®  (Potassium Chloride)

in 40 lb bags: A better alternative for those concerned
about their sodium intake. Adds potassium to daily
diet. Better for the environment. K-Life is pellet
SureSoft® Extra Coarse

Made with high-purity salt crystals and no additives,
SureSoft® Extra Coarse is 100% natural. It minimizes
brine tank clean out, while softening water for the
entire home. SureSoft Extra Coarse is effective,
economical water conditioning pure and simple.
Which water softener is best for you?

Rock Salt : Pellets : Rust Buster Pellets : Potassium Chloride