You can count on Huck Salt to help
provide safer highways, streets and
bridges during the harsh winter weather.
Our distribution network and excellent
customer service, will help you provide
safer driving surfaces during the winter

Our bulk road salt can be delivered to
you or you can pick it up from our shop
or salt flat location.
Road Salt:
Road Breaker (Huck Salt Rock Salt) is
the most cost-effective deicing product
available for removing snow and ice,
keeping traffic and the economy flowing.
It's easy to use, store and apply, and its
effectiveness at keeping roads open
makes it the cornerstone of most snow
removal programs. Used alone, it readily
clears snow and ice.
Our salt is mined in Fallon, Nevada the
only above ground self-sustaining salt
flat in Nevada.

Treated Road Salt:

here for information about our
treated salt for highway deicing.