Ice Fusion is the only liquid anti-icing and de-icing product that
delivers unmatched melting performance at lower temperatures.
Ice Fusion delivers a 12° improvement in freeze point over any
other liquid deicer. This performance enhanced magnesium
chloride (MgCl2) brine not only produces results at lower
temperatures, it also improves the ability to combat snow and ice
buildup on road surfaces.

Uses & Application

Ice Fusion can be used as a stand-alone product or blended with
salt to expedite snow and ice melt and enhance traction.


The enhanced melting capacity of Ice Fusion provides longer
cycle times between routes, by decreasing snow pack buildup
and improving snow removal by plow, therefore decreasing your


Applied in a stream pattern, Apex quickly penetrates vertically
through the snow pack and breaks the bond at the road surface.


As an onboard pre-wetting agent for salt, Ice Fusion:
■Reduces bounce and scatter
■Increases the speed and melting capacity of the salt
■Enables the use of salt at lower temperatures


Ice Fusion outperforms all other liquid anti-icing and de-icing
products across a wider spectrum of temperatures. In fact, when
diluted to a ration of 1:1 with water from melting snow and ice, Ice
Fusion will not refreeze until -8 degrees F. Unlike other enhanced
MgCl2 products, Ice Fusion is simply amplified by improving the
concentration of its active ingredient. This has made Ice Fusion
Better - Faster - Stronger.

Features & Benefits

■Delivers safer roads
■Lowers refreeze point
■Improves snow removal
■Reduces effects from corrosion
■Increases snow and ice melt
Brine solution made with sea salt and ice
fusion sprayed on the highway prior to a
winter storm.
Ice Fusion can be colored upon request,
Blue Fusion. This product is made upon
request, we do not keep this in stock.