Who is Huck Salt?

Huck Salt is a family owned salt business that was established in 1938 by Elmer J.
Huckaby. The current owner is John Huckaby, who works along side his two sons
Tron and Troy Huckaby
, as well as some of his grandchildren.    See our history.

What products are provided?

Huck Salt carries salt products for multiple applications such as water softening,
agricultural nutrition,
ice melt, tanning hides, ice cream making, industrial uses, pool
geothermal, fish hatcheries, and many more.

Where does the salt come from?

Huck Salt harvests their salt from an above ground (surface) salt mine. The salt is c
reated by solar evaporation. Mother Nature does all of the work for creating the salt.
100% natural! The salt flat is self-sustaining, which is better for the environment.
Huck Salt also sells products from C
ompass Minerals.

Does Huck Salt sell to the public?

Yes, both vendors and the public can purchase products.

Does Huck Salt deliver?

Yes, but keep in mind the additional cost for the delivery. Huck Salt can deliver in
Nevada and Utah, other states are possible depending on the order. Please contact
the office at (775) 423-2055 for additional information. Products can also be picked
up at the shop located just outside of Fallon city limits.

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